Prison Reforms

In the State of Jammu and Kashmir, a new Jail Manual for Superintendence and Management of Prisons came into existences in the year 2000. The new Jail Manual focused on changing the concept of prisons from a place meant to punish criminals to centres of reformation. The Government is of the firm belief that the period spend by undertrials, convicts and those detained under Public Safety Act must be utilized to the benefit of these inmates.

In this regard, a number of rehabilitational programmes and vocational trainings are being organized in the jails of Jammu and Kashmir. The jails not only impart training in traditional vocations like carpet weaving, cloth manufacure, carpentry, black smith etc. but have diversified in recent times keeping in view the employability of various trades. An effort is being made to match the trades in which training is imparted to the needs of the society so that on release from prisons these individuals can not only adjust in the society but also get gainful employment.

Health awareness programmes have been organized in almost all the Jails of the State to give practical shape to the dictum that prevention is better than cure. Regular meditation and Yoga courses are being run in major Jails. Besides, some courses on moral education are also being organized with the help of some noted personalities / NGO's.


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